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There are many countries in the whole Word and each Company take its own way and chose in specific activity. Our main aim is to sink in to your business. So you should have sustained confidence to your partner in the international IT recruitment. The real partner you can have steady trust to is Ollsent – an international IT recruitment Agency.

We use at our work only progressive and innovative technologies in our IT stuffing services dedicated to find the prime personal from other countries.

The main countries where we implement activity are USA, Canada and Europe, New Zealand, Australia

The Ollsent is oriented to maintain an active and always actual database of Recruiters and Job Seekers resume. We actualize our database to be sure that it represents Recruiters from information technology sphere.

We will supply our Recruiters with the pre-qualified CVs. What about the Job Seekers, they can send their resume free to the e-mail address stipulated in the Contacts. Alternatively, they can select the way of finding of IT personal specializing in the IT industry, IT job function or its geographical location.

By the way we suppose that World can be changed only by the synergy of two phenomenon as the IT technology and People. It is our belief. May be this quality makes us one of the Leaders among IT staffing agencies. We exist between IT recruitment technology and people.

Thus Ollsent Company could be IT recruiting expert and you can lay one’s account with our help in hiring experienced technology talents or find the best technology jobs. We accentuate on the personal interaction — this quality differs us from many other worlds’ agencies. First, we are trying to understand as well as possible the requirements and specific needs of our clients. Only after that, we individually interview a group of candidates to meet our Customers’ enquiry.

We are supporter of the idea that only the harmony of the modern IT stuffing technologies and the personal contact give the perfect result. Our IT recruiters are highly qualified examiners in the IT and psychology areas. We are expecting on your call and letters regardless the location and country you live in.

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IT recruitment agencies in USA, in Canada, in Europe, New Zeeland, Australia Among the World IT recruitment agencies, we take the leading and most innovative


Ollsent – IT recruiter in USA, Canada, Europe, New Zeeland and Australia.

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